Business Case and Plan DevelopmentDeveloping a business plan is a daunting and time-consuming task for most business, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are some tricks of the trade that we can use to produce a powerful plan, so you can quickly start achieving your business goals.  Doran Strategic Consulting has a huge amount of experience developing business cases and business plans for companies of various sizes, from a wide range of sectors.

Doran’s network of business and innovation contacts spans Canada and the USA, it includes companies, governments, funders, academic institutions, NGOs, not-for-profits, and investors.

Doran will work collaboratively with your organization to:

  • Articulate your Business Strategy and Business Case;
  • Develop your Elevator Pitch;
  • Validate your market with studies and client outreach;
  • Develop a Commercialization Plan for new products or services;
  • Develop an Investment Attraction Plan;
  • Develop a Customer Acquisition Plan;
  • Develop a Marketing plan;
  • Develop and Operational Plan;
  • Develop a Human Resources Plan;
  • Build a budget and develop financial forecasts;

Don’t need a full plan?  We can help you map out milestones and budgets for complex projects or programs offered by your organization.

Sector Expertise

Doran Strategic Consulting has knowledge and experience regarding business plan development from a wide range of sectors, including:

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: business plans for research, innovation and entrepreneurship centers; including program development and delivery (servicing start-ups or small-and medium-sized enterprises); government and funder relations; fundraising; fees for service programs; community engagement and social impact.

Academia & Government: business cases and plans for academic departments, municipal governments, and government programs; business plans for program & service delivery (e.g. applied research & innovation, entrepreneurship, education and training).

Sustainable Technologies: water, energy, green buildings, cleantech, renewables, recycling.

Life Sciences & Biotechnology: health & wellness, biotech, microbiology, veterinary.

Manufacturing: smart manufacturing, new engineering & technology products, consumer goods, production systems.

Retail: lifestyle businesses, retail sales, small businesses, toys & games.

Information & Computer Technologies (ICT): new applications, software and hardware products, mobile apps, games, cybersecurity, big data applications.

Food & Agriculture: crop and food production, new food & beverage products, agri-tech, smart agriculture, greenhouse production, pest control, agricultural waste opportunities.

Social Innovation: business as a force for good, Benefit Corporations, not-for-profits, and charities.