Strategic Planning

Work with Doran Strategic Consulting to develop a Strategic Plan that provides a clear snapshot of your organization—identifies assets and gaps, challenges and opportunities—creates an effective plan to drive your Vision and Mission; aligns your Board and Management; and refines your approach to success.

Business Case & Plan Development

Your business plan is your organization’s map to success. A well-written plan can help you start a new business, grow an existing business, manage existing operations, and prepare to exit your business. Work with Doran Strategic Consulting to create or update your plan.

IP Strategy

Canada does not struggle with developing new intellectual property (IP). Where we falter is in managing our IP from the lab to the commercial sphere. Doran Strategic Consulting works with companies, post-secondary institutions, and business support organizations to develop IP Strategies that benefit Canadian interests.

Grant Writing

Grant writing is an artform. Capturing the important aspects of your project in succinct, power prose takes a skilled hand. Doran is experienced with the funding process, having acted as both a proposal reviewer and grant writer. Doran makes the grant writing process easy and will help you manage the process and craft a winning proposal. Rely on Doran for all your professional writing needs.

Program Development

Programs are an effective way for your organization to deliver measurable value to your stakeholders. Doran Strategic Consulting has developed many recognized and well-funded programs for applied research & innovation; business-support services; start-up training; business scale-up; community impact; and education. Work with Doran to design, fund and launch your new program.

Talent Development

The most important parts of any organization are its people. Great teams are built by assembling the right talent and providing them with the tools, resources, and training they need to excel. Doran Strategic Consulting will help you implement innovative and effective Talent Development strategies focused on youth, students, employees, innovators, or executives.

Stakeholder Engagement & Partnership Building

Stakeholder Engagement is a process by which you learn from and respond to your network to assess your value and make informed strategic decisions. Partnership Building is a way for your organization to expand its capacity and value across your expanding network of stakeholders. Work with Doran Strategic Consulting to engage your employees, clients, community and business network. Together we can cement new partnerships that bring mutual benefits.

Innovation Zone Development

Establishing and growing an Innovation Zone, sometimes called a research & innovation cluster, requires coordination and collaboration of municipal, academic, community and industry, on regional scales. Doran Strategic Consulting will help your region create or implement your visionary plan, implement best practices, avoid pitfalls and achieve early success.