CASE STUDY 23: Tulmar Safety Systems


TULMAR SAFETY SYSTEMS INC. (Tulmar), located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, is a forward-thinking industry leader in the defense and aerospace sector. Tulmar contacted Doran Strategic Consulting (DSC) to assist the company with the creation of an IP Strategy that aligns with Tulmar’s with corporate vision, mission, quality objectives, and strategic goals, while also providing an operational roadmap to execute on the plan and monitor success.

Tulmar has been in the defense and aerospace business for 30 years. Like many established companies, they have several proven products and services that have sustained them over the years. As such, they have an excellent reputation in their industry.

Tulmar designs, manufactures, distributes, and recertifies engineered protective textiles, survivability, and safety solutions for the Aerospace and Defence industry. Quality is a major differentiator for Tulmar. They are quite proud of recently becoming certified under AS9100 for their Quality Management System that ensures compliance with national and international quality standards.  

Like most dynamic companies, they seek to be more innovative. They want to take a proactive and pre-emptive approach to addressing the needs of their customers and the changing market. Having an IP Strategy would allow them to map out new a process that promotes innovative thinking and actively protects their inventions, trade secrets, and other IP assets as they are developed.

DSC worked to deeply understand the business and develop a customized Tulmar IP Strategy. What became clear early on was the need to create a culture of innovation within the company. Tulmar needed an approach that would encourage and reward employees for great ideas, especially those that could lead to new products and services.

Tulmar was able to leverage some IRAP funding for this project. It made it possible to do a thorough job in creating the IP Strategy and implementing the ideas with the team. Tulmar’s President, Patrick Talon and the senior team, ratified the new IP Strategy. Vicky Lovvorn wrote to DSC to say, “We wanted to say it was a joy working with you. Everyone is very pleased with the outcome, and we have a lot of people excited to jump on board for the implementation of the strategy, starting this week!”

DSC thanks Tulmar for being so dedicated to this project and being a great client.

Cheers to you and your innovative team.