CASE STUDY 20: Guelph Water Alliance

Case Study 20: Guelph Water Alliance


The Guelph Water Alliance (GWA) is a collective of water sector businesses, experts & others, working together to develop & commercialize water innovations in Guelph and the surrounding region. The group included ~30 product and service companies in water, general water tech, wastewater, drinking water, conservation.

GWA met monthly for one hour to discuss pressing issues of the local water sector and to report on progress made against the group’s goals. The Water Alliance was working on finding technology demonstration opportunities and tackling community/industry-level water issues across five theme areas.

At a meeting and special announcement of the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, GWA met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as other dignitaries concerned with promoting Canada’s water sector.

The GWA exists now only in spirit. After Doran left IG it lost steam.