CASE STUDY 18: Community Builders – Innovation Guelph

Case Study 18: Community Builders - Innovation guelphCommunity Builders was a stakeholder engagement event that formed part of Innovation Guelph’s efforts to build an innovation zone in the region. In November 2013, Innovation Guelph (IG) and partners held the Community Builders event at the Delta Hotel where more than 100 participants, comprised of community members, industry and municipal leaders, and academics, explored six key opportunities that will shape the business climate of Guelph in the coming decade.

The key opportunities explored were:

  1. Business Support Services – programs that help entrepreneurs and established businesses succeed and grow;
  2. Small & Large Business Collaboration – working together to achieve goals;
  3. Talent Recruitment and Retention – embracing strategies to bring and keep top talent;
  4. Youth and Business – supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs with programs and mentorship;
  5. Mentor Program – linking business leaders, industry experts and new entrepreneurs to transfer skills and knowledge;
  6. Succession Planning – planning for early interventions to help businesses prepare for succession.